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Welcome to Mission City in British Columbia, Canada

NEW CHICKENS on the ChickenCAM - All HEN - ALL the TIME!

See the "FarmCAM" below and check-out the new girls that joined the flock this month!


tantalus-labs-logo-75418-03162018.pngDan Sutton and Tantalus Labs are pioneers in Canada's soon-to-be legalized cannabis industry - the largest shipping grower in BC with 120,000 square-feet of greenhouse operations.  No, "green-house" is not a pot pun - Tantalus champions Sungrown cultivation of marijuana for medical and recreational use, which is grown under glass in the open!

Sun-Grown means just as it says, natural conditions of sunlight, which results in 90% less energy used to grow each crop.  Not to be satisfied with saving tons of CO2 emissions with natural light, Dan Sutton's highly-automated greenhouses use rainwater, then recycle it with reverse osmosis filtration to preserve our groundwater.

Learn more about Tantalus Labs on their website: http://tantaluslabs.com 


Watch for us around Town!


Environment Canada says...

Sun, rain and sun this week, followed by heavy periods of leisure Saturday through Monday morning. This evening...expect hours of darkness followed by morning! CLICK for TODAY's FORCAST



Home of Mission City TV and MCTV.NEWS and Carly Rae Jepsen*

Mission BC's Community-based Video News Magazine

*Since age 10, Carly Rae is Mission's most-famous Star - see below

Live and Archived Video Stories from Viewers like YOU


Mission City Today - In the very, very, month of May!

Collected stories from recent days











Cat Puns: They freak meowt!

We begin at 9:00am, PST Live broadcast:

LIVE F2F FEED: FarmCAM LIVE Farm and Human CAM, courtesy of F2F.LIVE




Cat inside - Goats outside - Chickens can't decide ... Camera shows all cams around the Farm, so you'll find the ACTION SOMEWHERE!

Home of "Bob" the Cat, Freddie and David, the Goats.

Not to be missed...the chickens: Red, Red, Fleur Delacour, Red, and Red.















Low-resolution, compatible for Apple and Android Users 


HUMMINGBIRDS GONE! YouTube Video recorded by MCTV.NEWS

Last Summer, after growing "big" and strong, our two litle ones flew the nest!

They flew away on DAY 23 - perfectly average timing for hummingbird babies to do exactly what baby hummingbirds do when they grow up.

We thank you for watching, and we invite you to view the "best-of-mission-hummingbird-live-nest" - 25 days, from EGG to HUMMING AWAY...



Alex, Dan, and the gang at www.F2F.Live (Face to Face Broadcasting), WE THANK YOU for your superb technology that allowed us to broadcast Helen Hummingbird (and her kids, Rhett and Link) to everyone interested in her LIVE HD CAM. You have amazed us with your interest, promotion, and mythical technical skills - THANK YOU!


Cory Cassel's What's On! Magazine

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CBS NEWS - Man, Dog, Hummingbird


Lover's Walk Through Mission



Behind the Scenes at Auntie Helen's Hummingbird CAM

Insider Information:  "Auntie Helen" is named in honor of dear Auntie Helen who lived in Amsterdam, where she passed away this month, and remebered by her loving family - always.



Hummingbird Babies Grew Up FAST!

Born on May 21st, 2017, the humming-babies have grown from fingernail-sized eggs to wing-flapping young ones in a matter of 14 days. Hummingbird research tells us that we should expect the hummingbird family to leave the nest approximately June 15th - they left on June 18th.

We recorded the "Life of Rhett and Link, hummingbird babies, and each day's recording is available on MissionCityTV YouTube Channel, so be sure to share the HUMCAM RECORDINGS with your friends and colleagues.

 Recently-Featured Video News Stories

Mission 125 Celebration Announcement    


We had a great time at Heritage Park on Canada Day - These are some of the folks caught in our Mission City TV Frame




  Featured File Downloads:

"BAD CAT" Wallpapers (1920 by 1080p) of "Babs" - the cat-tankerous feline from PENN STATE UNIVERSITY. She graduated Magna Cat Laude in Counter Intelligence, and has been cat-tured in various poses of cat-tastrophic behaviours. Celebrate bad-cat-ness with her on your computer screen today!  (click on the "babs" download links, below)




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